What is Dark Web Monitoring in the world of identity theft?  How can Dark Web Monitoring help mitigate the risks of Identity theft and Fraud?

But wait, what are the Deep, Dark and Surface Web? 

The Surface Web is what you think of when you think of the internet.  Any site you are accessing through search engines only makes up about .03% of the internet available.   99.97% of the internet is made up of un-indexed pages, or the Deep Web.

The Deep web is often confused with the Dark web but they are two very distinctive things. The deep web is the entire web that is not accessible by conventional search engines but the dark web is a certain website within the deep web that is linked to criminal activity and illegal market places.

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Dark Web Monitoring

Dark Web monitoring is an intelligent and proactive identity theft detection solution that searches for compromised information across the deep, dark and surface web, as well as underground forums and file-sharing sources.

What is the benefit?

By performing comprehensive reviews of websites frequented by hackers and cybercriminals, it is possible to detect your personal information being traded or sold before the criminal uses it.

When you enroll, you will have full control over what information you choose to be monitored. We then continuously (24/7) monitor the deep, dark and surface web to detect the trading and selling of the information you provided. If we find any of the information being monitored, you will receive a notification that your information has been found online. This alert allows you to take immediate action to prevent, or reduce losses, such as changing a password or closing an account.

Dark Web Monitoring – Proactive monitoring if your identity or supplied credentials are stolen or compromised. Be alerted if your data is discovered being traded or sold on the dark, deep or surface web.
  • Alerts are sent to you when your information is detected as compromised on the dark, deep or surface web.
  • This gives you a heads up so that you can work swiftly to respond, reducing or eliminating potential losses.
  • If you receive a dark web monitoring alert, you can immediately act to change


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