Every consumer and small business owner needs to make a stronger cybersecurity commitment in 2020 to safeguard personal and business information.

To help with your cybersecurity commitment, we are highlighting three important topics:

Glossery, Cyber SMB, ID Theft

  1. Identity theft terms,
  2. consumer need-to-knows,
  3. and small business best practices.
First, Consumer Affairs has an identity theft glossary that serves as a great reminder to the current threat environment including:
  • Keylogger: A keylogger is a computer program that records a person’s keystrokes to obtain confidential data.
  • Phishing: Phishing is a popular type of internet scam in which fraudsters send emails claiming to be from a reputable company to trick individuals into revealing personal information.
  • Smishing: Similar to phishing, smishing (or SMS phishing) is when someone attempts to mine sensitive information under a fake identity through text messages.
  • Vishing: Like phishing or smishing, vishing is when an identity thief attempts to gain sensitive information over the phone.
Second, consumers need-to-know how to protect themselves from becoming a victim of ID theft:
Third, small business needs to implement cybersecurity best practices to help mitigate their exposure from identity theft and data breach events:
  • Annual employee education should be the No. 1 priority. Education is key, the threat level is rising and you don’t want it to sink your business because your employees are not educated.
  • Your small business needs to create, test and update a written information security and governance policy annually, including penetration testing and a simulated data-breach event.
  • Consider adding cyber liability insurance to help respond to evolving state and federal breach notification laws since most small businesses lack the financial and human resources to respond to a data breach.

Unfortunately, as we learn and get better, so do the criminals.  It is our responsibility to stay educated and protect ourselves and employees.  Ring in 2020 with a stronger cybersecurity commitment to help reduce your cybersecurity risks.

By Mark Pribish
Vice President and ID Theft Practice Leader

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