Pizza in Chicago, Gift Card in Montreal

When my card was rejected at a small café in Stockbridge, MA where we had just had lunch we made a quick call to our credit card company and they asked if we had purchased…


“…purchased 2 pizzas in Chicago and a $1000 gift
card to a fishing supply store in Montreal”. No Way!

Clearly, we did not order a Pizza in Chicago and we had been hacked. We canceled the card immediately. But what if I hadn’t used that card that day? Then what?

So began my education about Identity Theft. I vowed to look into an Identity Protection solution ASAP.

I learned that Credit Card Fraud is
not the same thing as Identity Theft.


Credit Card Fraud is a potential consequence of identity theft. Here, a thief steals your credit card information and then makes purchases in a store or online. Most credit card companies have a liability limit of $50. This means that even if a thief has charged thousands of dollars to your card, you’d likely only have to pay $50. More often than not, credit card companies simply wipe out any charges that are the result of fraud.


But, Identity Theft involves much
more than a few fraudulent charges.

Identity thieves can steal your personal information to open a new line of credit, open a new credit card, or obtain a false ID in your name. Unlike credit card fraud, there’s no liability limit. That means you might end up paying for all the damage caused by an identity thief.

With identity theft, the impact can be much greater, lasting for years or even decades. With some types of identity theft, such as medical identity theft you may not realize you’re a victim until you get a call from a collections agency. *By then, the identity theft may be so embedded in your personal records that it feels like taking on a part-time job just to clear your name. You’ll not only deal with whatever bills are in the collection, but also credit bureaus, lenders, other financial institutions, and possibly even law enforcement.

*The real value in an Identity Protection
plan is to help in the recovery process.

defend-id’s “Fully Managed Recovery” feature provides the peace of mind of a dedicated certified Recovery Advocate. Your advocate will work on your behalf to perform all of the tasks necessary to restore your identity, completing and filing forms, research, and contacting all companies, agencies, and financial institutions necessary to ensure that any and all fraudulent activity that has been identified is addressed and resolved.
Identity theft happens every 2 seconds in the U.S.
Identities are stolen…
hours are spent in trying to dig out of the mess…
lives are turned upside down.
So if you ever have a “Pizza in Chicago…What?”, moment know there is a better way to resolve it!
To learn more about Fully Managed Recovery check out this article:  Fully-Managed Recovery for Identity Theft
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