Are you taking advantage of the opportunity by offering ID Theft Protection for your Clients and their employees?

Your clients are relying on you to provide the most comprehensive, relevant, value-adding benefits that their employees want and need.  With the addition of identity theft protection to your portfolio, you will be stepping out in front of your competition with this high-demand benefit.

Strengthen Your Client Relationship

You are the advisor and your clients trust you to offer the best employee benefit programs.  Offering defend-id will demonstrate your professionalism and your thoughtfulness regarding current market trends and demands.  As their agent, you will be offering a timely, valuable and relevant benefit.

Don’t Blend in with the Rest

Differentiate yourself from your competition, the ones you are fighting with to get that new account, and the ones you are fighting off to keep your current ones.  Offering defend-id differentiates you!  Employers need increasingly robust benefits options and employees are looking for it.  Chances are if you are not including id theft in your proposals, your competition is.

Tax Benefit for Employers

Employer-paid Identity Theft Protection is a non-taxable, and non-reportable benefit.  Not only is employer-paid the most cost-effective but it also has tax benefits as well as overhead advantages.

GROW and Maintain

Grow your business with a new offering, re-engage with your clients and target new prospects.  Strengthen your book of business by adding another line of business, identity theft is a sticky product with a long life cycle!


The market continuously floods with new and trendy benefits.  The challenge of working with increases and tight budgets makes your job hard!  It is difficult to find a benefit that you can add that provides high value at a low cost.

We understand!  It can be overwhelming and frustrating.  The good news is that defend-id defend-id is designed with the broker in mind! We have worked hard to minimize the sales cycle and simplify an overly complex process. defend-id puts the power in your hands, giving you a co-branded website, a portal to conduct and keep track of your business, marketing material, and communications, and a dedicated training team to help you at all times.  We are here to make ID Theft Protection for your Clients an easy solution.

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