4 Things to Watch Out for this Holiday Season!

Oh, what a year it has been and continues to be this holiday season!  Unfortunately, in this continued craziness, bad guys tend to take advantage of anyone they can.  They also are opportunistic during the holidays.  Both being an issue right now provides a great opportunity for deceit and fraud.  We encourage you to take the time this year to ensure you are being safe with your generosity and activities online and off.  Below you will find 4 things to watch out for this holiday season, coupled with the pandemic.

  1. Online shopping Scams!

    This year more than ever, holiday shoppers will
    be purchasing online. According to the Better Business Bureau, online
    shopping is expected to increase over the last year by 10% to 75%. Watch out
    for “locked out” messages claiming you have been locked out of your
    accounts. The bad guys are sending phishing emails in an attempt to
    steal your account information.

  2. Charitable Giving Scams.

    Giving scams are always increased around the
    holidays but due to more families needing help in 2020, it is likely that there
    is a large increase in donations and scams. COVID scams are going to
    continue and the holidays are a great way for criminals to take advantage of
    your giving spirit. Make sure you are giving to a reputable organization.

  3. Use Secure Payments Use your credit card online, it has more protection
    than your debit card.

    Credit cards have better dispute protections where
    debit cards can expose your bank accounts to withdrawals. Use Credit cards
    for transactions, they provide more protection if you have made a
    transaction with a criminal.

  4. Ads and Offers Scams.

    You will see many ads and offers on platforms like
    Facebook and Instagram this holiday season. Before you purchase through
    an ad or offer, research the company for anything scam-related
    “Peace of Mind with a Place to Turn”

These 4 things to watch out for this holiday season are just some of the scams out there.  Please take care in your efforts to spread holiday cheer and think before you click.  We wish you the happiest of holidays!

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