In today’s fast-paced business world, small business owners face numerous challenges.  Challenges include the cost of providing valuable employee benefits while also keeping expenses low. However, with the growing threat of identity theft, it’s essential to find a way to protect employees while also securing the success of the business. That’s where the idea of “Protecting Employees and Securing Success” comes into play. By including identity theft protection in employee benefits, small businesses can:

  • attract and retain top talent,
  • improve employee morale,
  • and ensure the safety of their employees’ personal and financial information.

This article will explore the benefits of offering identity theft protection as a benefit and how it can positively impact both employees and the business.

The struggle

Small business owners face a constant struggle in trying to balance the cost of employee benefits with the value that these benefits offer to their employees. In today’s digital age, where a significant amount of personal and financial information is stored online, the threat of identity theft has become a significant concern. This is why many companies have started including identity theft protection in their benefit packages.  They are adding ID Theft Protection to not only attract top talent but also to provide added value to their employees.

Identity theft is a growing problem, affecting millions of people every year. In the event of a data breach or other security incident, the aftermath can be a long and costly process for the victim to recover. According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, the average time it takes a victim to recover from identity theft is 600 hours.  600 hours is equivalent to over two and a half weeks of full-time work. This is not only a burden on the victim but also on the company.  Companies are losing valuable productivity and face increased costs associated with their employee’s recovery process.

A Solution

Providing identity theft protection as a benefit can help small businesses stand out from their competitors while also providing peace of mind to their employees. It can be an attractive perk for job seekers and help the company attract and retain top talent. In addition, it can be cost-effective compared to the time and resources it takes to recover from identity theft.

Lets face it companies are already paying for their employees to recover on their own.  But if they have a professional to help with the recovery process it is much less expensive. A professional identity theft protection service will provide the necessary support and resources for employees to quickly and efficiently recover from identity theft. This can include 24/7 monitoring, credit reports, and fraud resolution services. The cost of these services is usually minimal compared to the cost of lost productivity and the time it takes for an employee to recover on their own.

Another advantage of including identity theft protection as a benefit is that it can help build trust and improve employee morale. When employees know that their employer is taking steps to protect their financial security, they feel valued and appreciated. This, in turn, can lead to increased job satisfaction and a more motivated and productive workforce.

Including identity theft protection as a benefit for small businesses is a smart move. Not only will it provide added value to employees, but it will also set the company apart from its competition.   It is also cost-effective compared to the time and resources it takes for employees to recover on their own. So, why wait? Take the first step towards a safer and more competitive workplace.   Offer Identity theft protection   to your employees with defend-id today.

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