A recent poll asked, “what are the biggest challenges facing HR leaders today”.   Given the size of the poll, done on LinkedIn within the Human Resources (HR) Professionals page we thought it would be worth considering and sharing. (worth considering: 1, 2, and 4 may all impact number 3)

The Poll

  • According to a poll of 4,334 professionals, talent retention was identified as the top concern by 65% of respondents. Retaining top talent is crucial to the success of any organization, as losing valuable employees can be costly in terms of productivity, morale, and revenue.
  • Diversity in the workplace was only a concern for 7% of respondents.  While this is a concern very much talked about it is the lowest concern based on the survey.
  • The use of technology is increasingly relevant in the workplace. Digital transformation is a concern for 10% of HR professionals surveyed. HR leaders must adapt and leverage new digital tools to stay competitive and efficient in the workplace.
  • Employee health and well-being came in at 18%, the second biggest challenge according to HR professionals. HR professionals have a vested interest in promoting employee health and well-being. Focusing on health and wellness can lead to; improved productivity, decreased absenteeism, and increased employee retention. Additionally, demonstrating concern for employee well-being can help build a positive and supportive workplace culture and can have financial benefits for an organization.
Employee benefits

Employee benefits play a vital role in enhancing employee retention, well-being, and productivity. Identity theft protection, in particular, is a critical benefit that should be considered in all four areas mentioned in the poll. Identity theft can impact an employee’s financial well-being, health, and work productivity, and offering identity theft protection can help mitigate these effects. Furthermore, it can enhance digital transformation efforts. If their data is secure, employees will feel more comfortable adopting new digital tools.

There are several challenges facing HR leaders, with talent retention being the most pressing. Nonetheless, diversity in the workplace, employee health and well-being, and digital transformation can also contribute to employee retention and organizational success. HR can enhance employee well-being and improve overall effectiveness  by offering employee benefits such as identity theft protection.

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