Agents, you have a unique opportunity to help protect your clients from the threat of identity theft by offering protection as part of your benefits package. Don’t Wait to Protect Your Clients.¬† Below you will find five persuasive reasons why you should start offering it to all your clients today.

5 Reasons to offer identity theft

  1. Protect your clients: Identity theft can lead to significant financial losses, damaged credit scores, and even legal trouble. Help your clients avoid these risks and give them peace of mind with identity theft protection.
  2. Stay competitive: Identity theft is becoming more prevalent. Many employers are looking to offer or already offer identity theft protection as a standard part of their benefits package. Stay competitive and attract new clients who value this type of protection.
  3. Build client loyalty: Offering id protection shows your clients that you care about their well-being and are willing to go the extra mile to protect them. This can help build loyalty and keep your clients coming back to you for their benefit needs.
  4. Increase revenue: Identity theft protection can be a lucrative add-on service, with many providers offering commissions to agents who sell their products. You can increase your revenue and grow your business by providing this service.
  5. Fulfill your duty of care: As an employee benefits agent, you have a duty of care to your clients to provide them with the best possible protection against risks and threats. You can fulfill this duty and demonstrate to your clients that you value their security by providing identity theft protection.

Offering identity theft protection to your clients is not only the right thing to do, but it also makes good business sense. Help protect your clients, stay competitive, build loyalty, increase revenue, and fulfill your duty of care. Doing so will help ensure that your clients feel safe and secure, and will be more likely to remain loyal customers.

It can be simple too…

defend-id is a leading provider of identity theft protection services.¬† ¬†Offering a simple and fast implementation process and a range of services. Services such as credit monitoring, identity restoration, and lost wallet protection, and their user-friendly interface makes it easy for clients to enroll. They also offer competitive commission rates and marketing materials to help promote the service. Don’t Wait to Protect Your Clients

Become a defend-id Partner today!

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