Fully Managed Recovery (FMR), is a service that provides more than just peace of mind; it offers a lifeline in the crazy aftermath of identity theft. FMR is a service that performs all tasks necessary to reclaim your identity, from completing and filing forms to contacting relevant companies, agencies, and financial institutions. It’s a comprehensive approach that leaves no stone unturned in the quest to rectify every fraudulent activity tied to your identity.  Service Standards and Client Testimonials are a metric we use to ensure we deliver!

FMR is the foundation of our services and we are grateful to have an amazing team of recovery advocates.  The stats and customer testimonials say it all. 

2024 Q1

1st QTR : Resource Center Inbound Call Stats (All Queues) All stats are within Goal.

  • Abandon Rate: 1.4% (Goal <3%)
  • Avg Speed Answer: 0:16 (Goal <:20 seconds)
  • % Calls Accepted 83.1% (Goal >80% in 20 seconds)

 Fully Managed Recovery Testimonials

  • “All my communications were met with very professional interactions.” Frank T. Defend-ID

  • “I am very pleased with my interactions and services I received.” Robert S.

  • “Excellent representative, very helpful and eager to help.” Marie W.
  • ” “I appreciate how quickly I received information to assist in protecting my identity and credit. I have since accessed my credit info through the service provided. I felt I was taken seriously, and your assistance was prompt and useful. Thank you.” Cynthia P.
  • “Very thankful for this service. We feel a sense of comfort knowing that this service has been made available to us! Thank you!” Martha H.

  • “Your service was very helpful during a very traumatic time. Thank you.” Patricia M.

  • “Such a relief to have my concerns addressed professionally by my personal advocate. Thank you.” Linda B.
  • “All I have to say is… Thank you, thank you, thank you! 😊” Terri W.

  • “Overall, all my dealings with my recovery advocate were very professional.” Kevin O.

  • “My advocate was extremely professional and kind during this difficult time.” Camille C.

  • “I appreciate all the time, effort and information given!” Julie H.

  • “My Restoration Specialist did a job well done. Many Thanks.” Raymond C.
  • “My Advocate was a pleasure to have as our representative. She clearly understood our concerns and was very patient, taking time to answer every question we had. From our experience, she is a valuable asset to your company.” Lucinda H.
  • “My Restoration Specialist gave excellent customer service throughout the original and call back communication. Thank you.” Ward L.

  • “I’m truly thankful for the assistance provided and the services received.” Carole S.
  • “I’ve had to use these services a couple times of the last several years and the service I’ve received was fantastic and the recovery advocates did an outstanding job.” Heather B.
  • “My Advocate’s help was excellent, and she gave me her direct contact info in case anything else arises.” Jane A.

  • “My advocate did an excellent job in explaining services and providing resolutions to my ID theft event.” Todd S.

Fully Managed Recovery service stands out as a place to turn when your world gets turned upside down. It’s not just about the statistics or the breadth of coverage; it’s about the stories of individuals who’ve had their burdens lifted and their identities restored. It’s about knowing that in your moment of need, you have a dedicated advocate ready to fight in your corner.


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