Each year your businesses struggle with rising cases of identity theft and it’s affecting everything.  ID Theft can be detrimental to your employees, productivity, your reputation, revenue, and profit.    

You take all the necessary measures to secure your systems and prevent data breach incidents.  But what about personal data stolen from elsewhere?  Is your company being defrauded by that data?  What can you do to prevent identity fraud despite business efforts to protect their information assets?  

What is happening?

Insider solo hackers and criminal gangs steal millions of consumer records each year from companies around the globe.  Bad actors take advantage of weaknesses in the system security and operations.  The stolen information is traded on the dark web and used by identity thieves around the world to quickly defraud businesses, governments, and individuals. 

They, under someone else’s name:

  • open new credit lines
  • empty bank accounts
  • seek expensive medical services
  • receive government assistance
  • buy merchandise or services
  • and collect tax refunds

Identity theft may make your company vulnerable, regardless of how or where the consumer information is obtained. However, you have the option to mitigate identity theft and reduce fraud losses by implementing an effective identity theft program that incorporates training for your employees, management teams, board members, and customers to collectively prevent identity fraud.  

What can you do?

You can implement an employee identity theft protection program with defend-id.  defend-id has developed integrated resources to help businesses mitigate the risks of identity theft with our employee identity monitoring tools.  defend-id will insure against identity fraud and provide full-service recovery for your employees when it does happen. 

Can your organization protect against identity theft and keep employees, shareholders, customers, and auditors happy?

You don’t have to be one of the businesses that struggle with rising cases of identity theft.  Contact defend-id or your benefits agent today to inquire about a program for your business today.  www.defend-id.com


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