I totally get that you see or hear about identity theft protection as part of this or that coverage.  “…it’s offered everywhere already,” one partner said.

Why wouldn’t you think it’s all the same… 

It is likely though that, those services attached to or bundled into something else only cover a part of the problem. Coverages like insurance for money loss or basic monitoring, but let me explain why having everything together in one package is super important:

  1. All-Around Protection: Think of it like a puzzle – if you’re missing a piece, the picture isn’t complete. Our protection plan isn’t just one piece; it’s the whole puzzle. It has different parts that work together, so you’re safe from all angles.
  2. Stopping the Bad Stuff: It’s like having a team of detectives watching over your info all the time. They’re on the lookout for anything fishy and can stop bad things from happening before they even start.
  3. Full Safety Net: Other plans might offer some money back if things go wrong, but our plan goes beyond that. It’s like having a big safety net that catches you if anything happens – not just for money but also for your name, credit, and even the legal stuff.
  4. Personal Help: If the worst happens, we’re right there with you. Our experts know exactly what to do to fix things. They’ll make a special plan just for you and guide you every step of the way.
  5. Proven Success: Our plan has helped lots of people before. We’ve saved the day for many folks who thought they were in big trouble. Our track record shows we know what we’re doing.

So, even though “it’s offered everywhere already”, remember that having all the parts together in one complete package gives you the strongest defense against identity theft. It’s like having your own superhero team working around the clock to keep you safe and sound.


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